Global College of Science and Technology

A Unit Of National Center For Development Of Technical Education
Recognised by WBNC (Code No : NS417), Affiliated to WBUHS (Code No : 7D073)
Approved by INC (Code No.-321378), Granted to AISHE (Code No : C66369)
A Unit Of National Center For Development Of Technical Education AFFILIATED TO MAKAUT formerly known as wbut (CODE NO : 345), GRANTED TO AISHE (CODE NO : c52844).

Reading Room

Reading Room in Global College of Science & Technology is a great place to spend some quality time reading books and gaining knowledge. As an institution, it is crucial to have an ample supply of reading material to educate students. The reading room is the perfect place for them to relax and study. Here, students can read about the latest breakthroughs in every field and learn new skills that will help them enhance their profession. With modern facilities, a cozy ambiance, and a well-stocked library, the reading room is a haven for book lovers. So drop by today and get lost in the world of books!

The reading room is a small, quiet space that’s designed to help you focus on your studies. With its comfortable chairs and soft lighting, it’s the perfect place to curl up with a book or your laptop and get lost in your studies. The room is filled with natural light that floods in through the large windows, making it feel airy and serene. The ambiance is meant to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can absorb as much knowledge as possible.

The reading room has an extensive collection of books, journals, and other reading materials that cater to students.

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